Laure Prouvost: Above Front Tears Nest In South

September 15 - December 14, 2023
Moody Center for the Arts (Houston, Texas)

Birds nesting inside the exhibition galleries, hybrid creatures floating between earth and sky, grotto-like tunnels leading from the dark into light. . . these surreal scenarios originate in the mind of French artist Laure Prouvost. Throughout her decades-long career, Prouvost has created multisensorial installations, combining video, sculpture, textiles, and diverse media in extravagant, mind-bending settings that create humorous, idiosyncratic experiences for the viewer.

For her first solo exhibition in Texas, Laure Prouvost transforms the Moody Center for the Arts into an immersive environment situated between reality and the imagination. Above Front Tears Nest in South invites visitors on an intriguing journey, engaging both the body and the mind. Forgoing traditional linear narratives and expected outcomes, Prouvost weaves together existing and imagined personal memories to open up a space of boundless freedom. The exhibition features several large-scale, multimedia installations, found objects, sculptures, tapestries, architectural assemblages, and videos, engaging with the architecture of the building through a disorientating, whimsical mode of display while exploring themes of eco-feminism and environmentalism.


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