I would like to start by asking you to share a bit about your artistic journey. How did it all start, and what or who inspired you to pursue art?

I started quite late in life, at least compared to "the normal." I was in my 30s when I took some courses in Stockholm, where I made some really good friends who encouraged me to pursue art and apply to schools. So I did—I attended the Nordic School of Art in Finland, in Kokkola. After two years there, I was accepted at Goldsmiths University in London and Mejan in Stockholm. Choosing Goldsmiths was a more challenging path for me, but I wanted to push myself. I completed my BA and my MFA in London and quickly secured a studio, which I still use today. The support from my friends kept me going, and that's how it all started.

Your artwork often features vibrant colors and incorporates elements of dierent environments. What themes or concepts would you say you explore through your art?

I draw inspiration from an array of sources, including a collection of images, observations of the world around me, and my own interpretations of words and phrases. Many of my ideas come from everyday observations or thoughts that I write down as notes or sketches. Color plays a significant role in my work, as I have developed a distinct palette over the years. While I'm trying to broaden my color range, it's a challenging process.

Together with Artful Edition, you have produced an exclusive edition of 40 prints of your painting "Pairs." Can you share some insights about the artwork and what inspired its creation?

Yes! The painting originated from an invitation to participate in a group show themed "Beach" last summer in New York, alongside a big list of artists. I think even artists like Picasso and Matisse! So not a bad list at all! I wanted to create a vibrant, summery painting. I wanted a at background. I'm really interested in the composition of a at surface and something that pops out to be more 3D. The title "Pairs" refers to the repeated motifs of pairs throughout the painting—fruits, boobs, and drinks—adding a subtle yet playful layer of complexity. The painting is now based in Seoul.

Could you describe the significance of producing an exclusive edition of prints?

What I think it's so great about the edition of prints is that it opens up to a broader audience. The availability gets wider which is so important. Additionally, high-quality prints can be so fantastic!

Your art resonates with a wide audience. What message do you hope to convey to your viewers?

I hope viewers connect with my work on various levels, even if they don't immediately grasp its meaning. I enjoy hearing different interpretations of my art and strive to evoke good vibes in my audience. My work often has layers of humor and complexity, encouraging viewers to take a closer look and discover new elements upon further examination. The titles of my pieces also add another dimension to the viewing experience.

May 18, 2024

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